Blogging! Some things I’ve written and collected during the last month, responding to liberals (mostly).

by andrewlohr

To Frank Schaeffer’s viciously hostile obituary for Charles Colson, 26 Apr.
Mr Schaeffer,
Do you show love by name-calling?  Would “far left…left wing…creation-hating…war on marriage” prove anything?  Did Jesus use that kind of language to Simon the Pharisee?
Tim Stafford helped Colson revise “Loving God,” and Stafford says Colson was OK to work with but rather overwhelming.
Truth?  If God or genetics made anyone gay, they’d have no children.  So there cannot be a strong gay gene; tendencies, maybe.  There are choices; there is right and wrong.
‘Gay’ actions involve groupings; so do other actions.  If there is to be freedom for the first, why not the 2nd?
Truth?  People who work at Roman Catholic institutions need not forgo contraceptives; they just have to obtain them themselves, rather than force others with moral objections to contraceptives to pay for what the objectors consider evil.  (There might be some institutions with stricter policies?)  I’m not Roman and my marriage uses contraceptives, but I object to tyranny more than to anticontraception.
Andrew Lohr (what tune shall I sing my name to?)
To Bloomberg article headlined “98% success rate for Romneycare” (98% are now insured)
88% coverage before Romneycare, 98% after?  That’s a 10% success rate for Romneycare; the other 88% was pre-Romneycare.  And what about that other 2%?   “17% failure rate for Romneycare” (2 out of 12)?  “90% failure or no-improvement rate for Romneycare” (88+2).
Massachusetts has had the highest health-care costs in the country since at least A.D. 1998..and Rom’care has not fixed this?
Cost are still going up as more people demand treatment…and Rom’care has not fixed this?
(The previous refer to statements and statistics from the Bloomberg article itself.)
One aspect of Obamacare has already been found too expensive, and simply abandoned?
Jesus of Nazareth, President of presidents, is rather libertarian, dude; He’s a realistic man.
To Pulse facebook 2 apr A.D. 2012
Cartoonist Rick Baldwin Apr 4 and Dr Pimental-Habib the week before misstated what Christianity says about ‘gays.’ God hates sin; all sin, not just the weird sins of other people but my own particular favorites, and y’all’s (you fellow humans). But He shows His love for sinners “in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” God loves us, and hates our sins of every sort, but loves us. Does anyone else love you enough to die for you? Did anyone but Jesus show God’s power by rising from the dead?
Some sins are worse than others not on a simple fixed scale, but depending on sinner and circumstance; the rich young ruler rejected Jesus and Jesus let him go, without compromising. Some sins are bad enough that Christians should not eat with professing Christians who commit them, and some are bad enough that the Church should ‘hand (sinful Christians) over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh that the spirit may be saved in the day of Christ Jesus,’ but a lot of details about what is bad or worse we have to leave to God. What’s in me and near me is bad enough.
And the Bible says ‘gay’ activity and lust are sin, to be repented of, forsaken, and forgiven like any other sins. (The Church has unanimously agreed until recently; covenants of friendship are not sex licenses). Saying ‘gay’ is not just forgiveable, but OK, is like a medical doctor telling a patient, You’re not just healable, you’re healthy–when he should be saying, This is bad and you may not like the treatment but we need to and can  treat you.

To TFP Clay’s cartoon 17 Apr ’12
AndrewLohr said…
How do we know Clay loves Democrats? He tries to push the party line, even in stormy weather.

How do we know he loves single moms in the projects? He favors picking our pockets to give them our money. (Unstated, and he wouldn’t put it that way, but deny it?)

How do we know he loves the fathers of the children of single moms in the projects? He wants to pay off their girlfriends so they don’t have to marry them to get sex. (Unstated…but deny it?)

Come on, ladies (and men), you’re more than a crotch–if you’re worth sex you’re worth marrying, you’re worth exchanging love in a thorough, well-thought-out, long-lasting way, not just scratching an itch.

(Andrew, how do we know you love single moms? I married one, to do dishes and diapers and garbage with, among other aspects of love.)
To Clay Bennett cartoon:  A business that makes a fool of itself loses customers and money, but a legislature that makes a fool of itself gets paid anyway: so shrink the tax-paid sector and enlarge the customer-paid sector.

A legislature makes laws for everyone it rules, but a business does business only with its own customers, letting other businesses keep other customers happy: burgers, tacos, pizza, subs, sushi…So shrink the monopolistic, lawmaking sector and enlarge the customer-paid diversity sector. “Different is good”?

If Tennessee is that dumb, may we look forward to Mr Bennett moving to California or North Korea? 🙂
April 19, 2012 at 11:06 a.
Freedom or freeze?  Government freezes things:  O’Romneycare tries to replace people taking care of their own health and grouping as they choose to insure for emergencies, with one big bureaucratic system.   Freedom for little babies, or freeze their lives by murdering them in their mothers’ wombs?
The current “safety net” is already torn by finances:  more was promised than we can pay for.  So  adjust it to reality.  Ryan at least sort of tries:  keep it for those stuck with it,  adjust it to something workable for the next generation..  President Obama defends the problem against  solution:  Tim Geitner said, We don’t have a solution but we don’t like yours.  Our President is reasonably generous with his own money, giving away several percent, but he’s far more “generous” with ours, spending 30+%, a totally bogus ‘generosity.’
War?  Our President got us into a war with Libya, no threat, while leaving North Korea, a more dangerous and worse regime, alone.  Surely his motives weren’t greed for oil and fear of nukes, I hope, but how can I not wonder?
The Declaration of Independence says government’s job is to preserve rights.  The Constitution gives the federal government certain jobs and leaves the rest to the states or people; the Federalist assures us that the federal powers are few and enumerated.  The Bible, which to us Christians outranks other documents, says terrorize evildoers and praise good-doers.  Jesus is rather libertarian, and personally generous.
To Charles Blow, NY Times, 19 Apr
To Human Events comments on Obama ate dogs growing up:
O’Romneycare and bearing distorted witness against  Gingrich and Santorum are reasons enough for me to vote Libertarian or Constitution this November; but a man who puts any stock in the Book of Mormon (I’ve read it, a 2nd-rate fantasy novel) shows judgment worse than I’d like to see in a President.  If ballots let us vote “against” a candidate, with “against” votes to be subtracted from “for” votes, I might vote against President Obama, but I don’t think I can vote for Romney.