Letter of a taxpayer

by andrewlohr

Letter of a taxpayer:                   How can we give ourselves a better country?
Spread these hints around, and tell D.C. and your state  to obey “we the people.”
Simplify taxes.  Wendy my wife, and TurboTax, do our taxes now, and it takes her a few days.  Before we got married, I used 1040EZ with 30+ pages of instructions:  E-Z?   The US spends over $400,000,000,000 (400 billion dollars) a year figuring out taxes.  Imagine if we spent this eating, or driving, or learning, or fixing things–we can use the time and the money, right?  So simplify taxes.   We Christians talk about God’s “tithe”–whatever we make, simply give God one tenth of it.   (Look up my song “Amazing grace:  an easy tax:  count ten and give God one…” http://voices.yahoo.com/video/tax-day-song-5375697.html )  Let the US  learn from the Bible (Genesis 14:20, Hebrews 7:2).
End ‘slavery.’   Abe Lincoln got rid of one kind, but O’Romneycare shows President Obama and Governor Romney agreeing that they and their bureaucrats are fit to run our lives:   take money we’ve earned, tell us how to spend money we’ve earned, put D.C. or Boston bureaucrats between us and our doctors and insurance companies…Who are these fellow humans to be running our lives, these masters to enslave us?   Working for the government–getting wages from taxpayers–doesn’t turn men into angels.  Again, learn from the Bible–the whole thing is only about a thousand pages long, and can be summed up in shorter ways.  (Throw your sins under the bus, follow Jesus, obey Jesus the President of presidents, trust Jesus, love God and love your neighbors…)  The Bible tells slaves to do good work as slaves, but to prefer freedom if they can get it (I Peter 2, I Cor 7:21.)  Make regulations few, simple, and easy to follow.
Privatize the ‘war on drugs:’ it costs tax dollars, messes up lives, and has failed.  Yet more Americans get arrested for marijuana than for murder, rape, and theft combined.   So on the one hand, send the police after real criminals instead of after drug users.  But on the other hand, let anyone or any group that has standards about drugs enforce their own standards.  If you don’t want to hire, or insure, or do business with drug users, you don’t have to.   (Don’t START sending the police against ANTI-drug people and groups.)   I’ve never used drugs, and the Bible says “merry with wine” is OK but drunkenness sin.  Maybe, as with guns, punish drug crimes more severely, but stop trying to stop drug use.
Privatize money.   When Bush was President, gas was under $2/gallon and I could buy 30 cheap washcloths for $5.  Now gas is close to $4, and $5 buys only 20 washcloths.  We cannot trust the Federal Reserve with the dollar, nor with the economy; but who can we trust?  Trust freedom.  Legalize using gold, silver, platinum, and foreign currencies instead of dollars for whoever wants to do so, with maybe a 1% tax to give a dollar a slight break.  The US economy grew faster A.D. 1840-1860 than it has grown in any 20-year-period since.  In those days banks printed their own money, and the cabinet had fewer than half the departments it has today.
Separate school from state.  We buy cars and houses as we choose, but tax-paid schools are  big systems, run not by parents but by school boards and teachers’ unions and states and D.C. and the Supreme Court and…Simply divide the money among the students for home, private, public, college, or whatever the parents choose.  When consumers rule, products keep improving–look at cars and restaurants!  When bureaucrats rule, taxes keep rising and regulations keep getting more complicated.  Make the b-crats go get real jobs.
President Obama wants to run our lives for us, and Government Romney seems only a wee bit less bad; so consider voting for Libertarian Party (www.lp.org) or Constitution Party  (http://www.constitutionparty.com/) candidates, who really see how smaller government helps us and big government is itself a problem (besides being bankrupt, promising more than we can pay for).  The big parties need ideas–we have ideas.  The big parties sometimes need voters.   If we vote for small parties, the big parties know we care enough to vote IF they offer us what we want.
And may I point us to Jesus as rather libertarian?  His life is a gift to us:  He didn’t have to come to earth and suffer.  He lived as a free man, letting no one box Him in.  After they crucified him, he rose up alive on the third day:  not violent, but it did reverse the verdict of the only superpower of those days.  For more on Jesus loving freedom see  http://voices.yahoo.com/jesus-libertarian-7724306.html?cat=37  .   The trouble with Christian politicians from old Constantine to Bush and Obama is they’ve overlooked God’s preference for freedom.  Throw your sins under the bus, and follow Jesus Christ (www.lohr84.com ).