Newt and his little enemy

by andrewlohr

Comment on Clay Bennett’s cartoon 29 apr ’12 (, I think, click “opinion”).  “tin man” and “tinny” refer to a poster who uses “onetinsoldier” and posted some nasty remarks about Gingrich, about the 6thpost this morning in comments on Clay cartoon.  (What I posted did  indeed start with “tin man” uncapitalized.)


tin man need a heart and a memory–needs to repent of his disgusting hatred, and open his mind? Speaker Gingrich found deficits and (sort of) balanced the budget; President Obama found deficits and enlarged them, with, his T-sec admitted, no plan to end them. Speaker Gingrich presided over an economy that created jobs; President Obama over one that lost jobs, and over a “jobless recovery.” Speaker Gingrich got President Clinton (D) to sign off on welfare reform; President Obama campaigned against the “individual mandate,” then rammed it through (?) on party-line votes with various shenanigans.

Newt committed adultery, but maybe he has repented; haven’t heard anything lately, and have read he admits his faults. He ran a disorganized campaign; maybe he’d run a disorganized Presidency, though even so I’m sure he’d be right more often, by a lot, than our current President. Unlike tinny and other hate-filled liberals, Newt tried somewhat to be nice to his rivals/enemies.

April 29, 2012 at 9:13 a.m