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Show what you’re learning.  I’ll help you learn.
Any age (pre K to older adult). I do best with students willing to learn.

Editing and proofreading
For students
Let me read and mark a copy of what you’ve written, then talk it over with me and make what you decide are improvements.  Or look over your computer together.    A school is trying to teach you, so I’d better try to help you improve this paper in ways that will make it easier for you to write better next time.  I’ll use what I know of English (both grammar and what sounds good), and my general knowledge, to help you improve, but I won’t write it for you.   The teacher needs to know that you know, so you, not just I, need to know.
For writing aimed at publication
Here I might go farther in drafting bits and pieces, and work less at trying to teach you how to write well, since the aim here is a good piece of writing more than a well-taught student.
If you’re in a class with textbooks, show me what you’re working on (textbooks and assignments) and I’ll try to help you grasp it so that you will know what you need to know and be able to show the teacher that you know.
If you want me to teach you something I know, get in touch and we’ll work out details.
History–B.A. degree from Covenant College (GPA around 3.5), and a lot of reading.
English–good grades and a lot of reading.
Math–good grades, Calculus in high school and graded Calculus papers in college, A in statistics at UTC.
Theology/Bible–Covenant Clg, Chatt State, UTC, CSU-DH classes, lots of reading, decades of trying to live it out.
Literature–a few courses and a fair bit of reading.
Accordion–see my youtube videos (as “alohrm3s”) and some yahoo voices videos.  Two terms of lessons in high school.
New Testament Greek–4 semesters at Covenant 30 years ago, dabbling since.
Lifestyle counseling–talk about where you are and where you want to go, and I’ll give you whatever feedback and advice seems useful from 51 years (born A.D. 1961) of experience.  Maybe I can help you make different mistakes.
High school valedictorian, top 1% SATs, college 3.5 or so, 4-time graduate school dropout.
I use my own name, Andrew Lohr,  on the web.  (Think of it as a rehearsal for the Judgment Day.) You can find things I’ve written and decide if I know enough in general, and enough of writing in particular, to help you.   (Decide if, when I write informally, I’m doing so by accident or on purpose–because I can’t help it or because it communicates well where I choose to use it, so I can help you avoid it if you need standard English, but can also work with you if you’re trying to write differently.)
Blog   (You are here).
Yahoo voices collection, some articles, some videos:
Youtube videos:…38586.40394.0.42442.…0.0…1ac.1.8Qepu7gu4ow  I don’t think you want me teaching you video technique.
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Universitytutor handle:  Andrew L.

Price–basically $15/hour to begin with.  Negotiable.  For example, say we start clocking right after we meet and stop clocking when we’re done.   If we seem to have been working hard and productively the whole time, $15/hr.  If it feels like we got 1 hr of work done in 2 hours, maybe deduct an hour or drop the rate, especially at first session.  If you’ve had more expensive tutors who do worse or no better than I, I can take a raise.  I expect to earn my pay, but I aim to do a good job helping you; I’m not out for every buck I can get.  I might need to ask for parking fees, or driving fees if I have too far to go.
Place–public, e.g. a restaurant or student center.   As Billy Graham requires of himself and his team, not alone behind closed doors.
Time–whatever we agree on.   “Anytime” means you’re welcome to ask; I have been known to get up early when a friend finished drafting his paper, and go through it with him.  It doesn’t mean I’ll be free every minute 24-7.
Phone–493-9449.  I wake up easily, and there’s an answering machine.
Facebook:  Andrew Lohr or Wendy Dibble-Lohr; make sure you tell us you want tutoring.  (She’s on more than I).


Evolutionism and creationism

From: Andrew Lohr
Sent: Sun 4/10/2011 11:03 PM
To: Letters to the Editors
Subject: evolution controversy

Evolution is the theory that it’s OK to eat evolutionists, so the 17 UTC
faculty who signed a letter (Chattanooga Times April 8 A.D. 2011) saying “biological evolution is not
controversial in any sense within the scientific community” have no grounds in
evolution to complain if creationists eat them or collect taxes from them.  Of
course they don’t want to be eaten, but nature red in tooth and claw won’t
defend them.  They need love:  “God shows His love for us in that while we were
yet sinners the Anointed King died for us” (Romans 5:8).  They need faithful,
Trinitarian love:  “The Father loves the Son.”  They need “Do unto others as you
would have them do unto you.”

The 17 in 500-odd words neither argued for evolution nor said where such
argument can be found.  Evolutionists need to show that breeding has no limits;
but  breeding horses with donkeys produces sterile mules.  Breeding does have
limits:  this is an observed fact, not a theory.  Evolutionists need to produce
actual living things from nonliving chemicals.  Evolutionists need to show that
nothing can produce something, or to combine eternal matter with the big bang,
and/or to combine eternal matter with the tendency of things to get messy like
my socks  rather than organize themselves.

Why no controversy?  Because evolutionists suppress dissent and doubt,  as Ben
Stein’s movie “Expelled” showed–showed as an observed fact, not  just a
theory.  Marxism wasn’t controversial in the USSR.    Evolutionists debating
creationists sometimes lost.   Some creationists have solid scientific
credentials, and an old survey  found the average rank-and-file creationist knew
more details about  evolutionary theory than the average evolutionist.

Free speech,  please.

Link to some comments on National Review online

I posted several comments about Gingrich and Romney in the comments to this article: 13 Feb ’13

Basically, Romney acted, or let his friends act on his behalf as, a liar against Gingrich and Santorum, and as a thief and bully against Ron Paul’s people at the convention, so no wonder their friends weren’t too keen on him.

some blogbait from February ’13

To re Clay Bennett cartoon 5 Feb ’13. I include this link because I often post here.

Says Clay? Limbaugh, who was fired 7? times, earns more money, I’m sure. The Tea Party noticed a problem that Senator Obama considered serious–“unpatriotic”–when it was Bush’s problem, and promised to cut in half when he was asking us to make it his problem, but has made worse; indeed he’s defending the problem, deficits, against solution. NRA: “More Guns Less Crime” is the facts. Heritage does lots of homework. Drudge and Back may have bees in their bonnets, but they do some interesting journalism. Fox and GOP offer mixed bags. CPAC sounds OK.

Trouble is, Mr Bennett’s ideology blinds him–officially as a cartoonist, anyway–to virtue on the right to a ridiculous (and only rarely funny) degree. Wish he’d open his official mind a bit, if his (equally bigoted) bosses will let him. Surely his criticisms of those of us who are right would have more bite, not less, and draw more interest from unpredictability, if he noticed officially that some lefties have faults and that the right has virtue here and there. I will cheerfully admit that he can draw better than I (and for all I know, play the accordion better), and perhaps he’ll cheerfully admit his wife can draw better than he, or at least than his cartoons demonstrate.

To David Cook column same date:

Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. I tend to agree with your point. These people are working hard, and they deserve to earn something (and in some cases, I understand, the rules against pay make it hard for them to get money they truly need). But you make it a smug way, an arrogant way, a colonialistic way may I say? Memorize I Corinthians 13, or recite it before writing and before rewriting a column. Frederick Douglass had, I’m sure, met all the abolitionist big shots, and said Abe Lincoln (of the GOP, whatever his and its flaws) was the only one who seemed to treat him as truly his equal. Beware.

To Free Press editorial:

God created Adam and Eve. If He hadn’t, our esteemed editor and I wouldn’t be here. Jesus used the creation arrangement as evidence that somewhere around every divorce was sin. The same applies to ‘gay’ conduct. What’s new this generation that changes that? Sin is sin. Pure ‘gay’ can’t breed (until artificial fertilization and articifial wombs come around); breeding requires the cooperation of both sexes. So ‘gay’ always has some wiggle room, some degree of choice. Likewise other sexual tendencies, some of which can be worse sins sometimes. (Brothers, straight fornication and divorce also involve sins, and are more popular than ‘gay’ sins.) Some accommodation or toleration, fine–Christians and churches need to be holy, and to preach repentance, but need not worry too much about what unbelievers do. But forcing accommodation on those who’d rather not? How bigoted. How phobic. How timebound. How vile.

To FP ed of 4 Feb after 34 comments:

If fracking replaces more coal with gas than it adds methane, it’s a net benefit, right? Isn’t that why the US is both richer and less polluting than when Al Gore was veep?

Love is more than niceness, but conservative shows more signs of knowing God is love than his (her?) liberal critics here, and has researched a better Book though maybe not as many lesser books.

To Times editorial 7 Feb eulogizing Mayor Gene Roberts of blessed memory:

And the twice I met him he was courteous to me well beyond the call of duty.

I think one or two of his budgets spent fewer dollars than the previous year’s budget. That’s amazing in a politician. (The Times being the liberal Times, no wonder they didn’t mention it.)

Did the school merger really save the $40 million a year that was promised, though? If not, should we be cautious about future system mergers? (Some may work, but crunch the numbers hard.)

February 7, 2013 at 6:41 a.m

To blog and mablog:

Jonathan, “many Christians are taught to automatically distrust anything that comes out of such a methodology”? Who teaches this?

Many of us are taught to distrust evolution, but evolution is the hypothesis that there are no limits to breeding. But mules are sterile, so the hypothesis is false. Evolution is also the hypothesis that it’s OK to eat evolutionists. But murder is sin, so the hypothesis is false.

If psychology is science, I suppose Christians doubt it next to evolution. Did you catch Leithart’s claim, I think from Jared Diamond, that 80% of those in most psych surveys are psych undergrads? That’s like doing 80% of fish studies in Lake Michigan.

Miracles? Hypothesis: if I touch the hem of His garment, I will be healed. Result: healed. But no repeating. Different kind of complication for Doug’s and your criteria.

A statistic is a collection of anecdotes.

To on N. T. Wrights and wrongs, specifically Obamacare:

Forcing healthy people to pay sick people to be sick is wise policy?

If so, is it Constitutional? Or should it, if wise, be done by amendment, by 2/3 of Congress and 3/4 of the states, rather than by breaking promises? (There was also a promise not to raise taxes on anyone making under $250,000 per year.) Psalm 15.

Health is external? Drunkards, gluttons and fornicators mess up their health because of what’s in their hearts. Force people to subsidize sin? I heard tell Safeway groceries kept their health insurance costs flat A.D. 2005-2009 using health incentives.

Health, health care, and health insurance are three different things.

To Paul Krugman NY Times 8 February:

You admit the federal debt to GDP ratio was a third lower when Speaker Gingrich left office than it was when he came in. As soon as President Clinton divorced Hillary and married Newt, the budget headed toward balance.

You fail to admit that the Bush tax cuts increased revenue by almost $5 trillion. Spending caused the deficits.

If deficits are good now, why didn’t President Bush’s deficits save the economy?

If deficits are good, how come the recession President Harding ignored went away quickly but the recession Hoover and FDR threw money at became the Great Depression? (Harding’s tax cuts also increased both revenue and the percentage paid by the rich.)

I still haven’t seen you say how stimulus paid for by taxes can stimulate the overall net economy, since the taxed money cannot be spent by the taxpayers; nor how stimulus paid by borrowing can stimulate, since what D.C. borrows we can’t borrow (isn’t shortage of credit an admitted problem?); nor how stimulus paid by printing new money can stimulate, since it reduces the value of all dollars (washcloths and gasoline prices are up 50% under President Obama), and since it didn’t work for the Confederacy, the Wiemar Republic, or Zimbabwe.

Did y’all see Ben Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast?

11 Feb Yahoo response to news the Pope is resigning:

Again bro Joe, aka/dba pope Benedict, show he’s a capable man. Let us pray, and pray hard (fasting anyone?) for a new pope who serves triune Jehovah and triune Jehovah’s people at least as well; or with even more wisdom, trust in God, love (love as defined by God, not by corrupt culture), holiness, zeal, and wisdom in delegating, plus whatever other qualities a pope needs.

(From an “adjective catholic,” with brotherly love for “trademark Catholics” in Christ Jesus the Lord of lords–Pope of popes?–and only Savior.)

21 Feb TFP

To TFP Bennett 21 Feb:

Relabel the cup “Liberalism.” As often, the drawing fails to speak for itself.

Liberalism has promised more than it can afford to pay for, and hallucinates that this is no problem. The Tea Party sees a problem, and sees that a government that stayed within its Constitutional functions would not have this problem. (It might have different ones.)

Our current President defends the problem against solution, with RINO help. Ron Paul would solve the problem (and bring on others). Even Paul Ryan was willing to work on it. Saint Paul would make Ron Paul look liberal: government should protect the peace of doers of good (I Tim 2:1-7) by terrorizing evildoers (Romans 13); that’s basically it.

And I see he hasn’t even tried to mention any particular problem.

Youtube and Yahoo handles

Fans, if any, note my youtube handle (about 100 videos as of 13 Feb ’13) is alohrm3s, and my comments on yahoo are as “Andrew in Tennessee.”

Who is President: Messiah Jesus or Barack Obama?

Who is President, Barack Obama or Jesus Christ?

Obama? Rising from the dead is above his pay grade. Jesus? Been there, done that, so “King of kings” means “President of presidents,” and Jesus Christ (Jesus, anointed, risen from the dead) outranks President Obama (Obama, inaugurated, live long and prosper).

Hey, dead men stay dead! Yeah, obviously, so when he doesn’t, then pay attention. Atoms don’t usually split, so when atoms do split, as in atomic bomb, watch out. One atom-splitting refutes the theory “atoms never split.” Refutes? Well, at least the whole truth is bigger than the theory, however true the theory may be in some ways. So Jesus died (the Roman army was very, very good at killing people back in the day) and rose up alive; his grave is empty. Can we get a piece of that?

Yes. Jesus Christ still does special things. Not as many as we might like, but my wife is worth 25 years of praying for, and she and her mother have experienced special gifts from God ( a cat was raised from the dead.) If you need something special, talk to Jesus Christ about it. Marx and Mohammed, Gandhi and Buddha, Rockefeller and Rand, died and stayed dead, whatever good they did; but Jesus did special things (“miracles”) on earth, rose up alive from the dead, and still does special things.

But…On earth, rulers make laws, and Jesus Christ President of presidents is no exception. And sometimes rulers have preferences–President Obama’s government would prefer that you get a car with good gas mileage, and stop smoking–that may not be laws, but if it’s what The Man wants, you might want to pay attention, right?

Laws come from what kind of man the boss is. Jesus healed sick people. He told bad people to change and become good, and he’d “forgive their sins” (take care of the bad things they’d done). He told ‘good’ people God didn’t owe them anything at all; God is totally, 100% good and no human but Jesus himself measures up to that. Jesus endured suffering (being beaten to a pulp with what amounts to belt buckles, and then spiked to a “cross” buck naked to die, and speared through the heart to make sure he was dead), so he can empathize with us in our suffering. Being 100% good he was sentenced to death, so he can empathize with us when others misjudge us. Having been killed by the only superpower of those days (Rome), he rose up alive from the dead, overruling the only superpower but without violence.

So when Jesus gathered His people into groups to praise God, learn what God wants, ask God for things, encourage and challenge one another, care for one another as He cares for us, and so on, he’s showing us some of His kind of life (however short these groups fall of what He’d like to see–and being in “church” all my life, I’ve seen a shortfall or two, believe me.) He grouped with His people, and he wants His people to group. Find a group you think He likes, and that works for you to help you love God and love people and take fair care of things.

When God created sex, making Eve to be Adam’s wife, and told His people to run away from all sex outside holy marriage (look up “Genesis 2” and “First Corinthians 6”), He was saying: if you’re worth having sex with you’re worth taking care of all your life. Be a promise, not an experiment. You’re worth it. This is the standard for those who want a piece of the resurrection of Jesus, the standard for God’s people. Christians need to spread the word that God requires this for His people. People who don’t pretend to follow Jesus, people who prefer ‘fornication’ (me-first sex) to Jesus, will then know where they stand.

Jesus and politics, President Jesus and president Obama? Well, Jesus wasn’t eager to take power the way Marx and Mohammed were, and I think Jesus’s politics tend to be His preferences rather than His laws, and we can be people of Jesus without having political power, but when the people of Jesus do get political power and quiet down enough to listen to Him, I think He does have something to say. Most politicians, obviously, are successful people who think a lot of themselves, so they may not listen to Jesus as easily as down-and-outers who realize they need help.

Two things to start with. Jesus was generous himself personally: he loved us enough to come to earth as a man instead of staying comfortable up in Heaven, loved us enough to suffer as we suffer, loved us enough to heal people, loved us enough to put up with dubious people, loved us enough to “die for our sins” (not just die, die for us). He himself paid for his own good ideas. He himself is generous. We cannot top Him for love.

And he’s rather libertarian politically, I think. His lists in the Bible of jobs for the government to do are very short lists (look up “Romans 13” and “First Timothy 2”); the Declaration of Independence’s “to preserve these rights” is a fair paraphrase of what the Bible says (terrorize evildoers so doers of good can live in peace.) His lists of things a government should not, at least by preference, be doing (I Samuel 8, Deuteronomy 17) challenge what most governments do. He himself is generous of himself. The ‘generosity’ of politicians with other peoples’ money is, I think, a bogus, anti-Jesus perversion of generosity. He once remarked, “The kings of the Gentiles exercise authority over them, and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors” (Luke 22). Politicians who tell common people what to do are called “benefactors.” I think He was hinting he could find something else to call them. He told his followers to live differently. So President Obama, like President Bush and most Christian politicians since Constantine, is taking on himself rather more than his Boss would prefer, and some “repentance” (change) is in order; but God’s people can live with it.

Groups of God’s people (“churches”) tend to be a bit short of prayer, and a bit short of teaching God’s orders and preferences, but find one (or more) God and you can live with, and remember God’s people group in many ways. Most groups do better at some things than others; find one that’s good at what you need most (that tells you how you need to change, and helps you?) “The Bible” is God’s book; “baptism” is our official commitment to follow Jesus; “communion” is…another thing new Christians need to learn about and do. Jesus is both God and a man, so I’ve used both “He” and “he” for Jesus. Join us: change and follow Jesus Christ, President of presidents.

Winter storm 'Nemo'.

Winter storm ‘Nemo’.

Contents of blog from 27 Apr A.D. 2012 to 6 Feb A.D. 2013

What’s on this blog as of 6 Feb.  I’d like a list of titles down the side, but until I learn to do that I’ll post this as a guide to what’s here.
6 Feb A.D. 2013    HOW to cut federal spending:  a way that might WORK.    / Send this to your congresspeople if you like my method.
1 Feb “bachelor soup” recipe, and how to keep rice from boiling over.
1-2  How to improve churches, countries, and computers.  /From my former website,, which you can find on at least one web archive, but not on the web itself.  Mostly churches–“45 theses”–but also 3 Libertarian tracts:  “Why all Christians, Democrats, Republicans, reds, greens, and enemies of crime should vote Libertarian,” “Abolish slavery,” and “How I, Andrew Lohr, joined the LP.”   This post may have a table of its own contents at the top of the post.
1-2 Praising God:  singing Psalms, some new hymns of mine, chords for “The Book of Psalms for Singing,” why sing Psalms? (love God love God’s lyrics), how to swap tunes.  May have contents atop post.  Note:  I’ve youtubed and yahood some Psalms and paraphrases from an A.D. 1927 Psalter and some of my own; they won’t be in this post or blog.  Also here is “Take hold:  an epistle of Andrew (Lohr).”
1-2 Infant communion:  feed God’s babies.  If we’re showing Christ’s death, and he died for them, the showing must include them, eh?  I think so, I think it matters, and I think I have something to say about it.  This post has a table of contents atop the post, and startrs with 3 1-page intros to the topic.  About 40 pages worth of material here.  “Debates” in that I list and answer more than 30 objections to “paedocommunion,” and also offer answers to anti-paeodocommunionists Reymond, Sisemore, Lee, and Gentry (spelling?)–Lee and Gentry partially so far.
1-2 New gospel tracts.  Contents atop post.  14 tracts.  Use freely.  (Indeed everyone may freely use everything of mine on this blog.)
1-2 Link to a file? on the Chattanooga Times-Free Press website which seems to contain all the comments I’ve posted there over the years.
31 Jan A.D. 2013   Baptism liturgy for my daughter Sophie Lohr, including explanations of details of the ritual (2 doses of oil and so on).
31-1 “blogbait” Apr-Oct A.D. 2012–some stuff I posted as comments on various websites during that time.  Not complete.
31-1 blogbait Nov ’12 to Jan ’13
29 Apr ’12  Comment posted to Washington Post website
29-4-12 “Newt and his little enemy”–one comment
27 apr ’12 older blogbait
27-4-12 Letter of taxpayer:  how to give ourselves a better country.
27-4-12 “Pocchop liturgy”–plan for a church’s services.
27-4-12 Hello World!   automatic first post on wordress blog.
Thank you for checking (some of) this out.  May it serve you and glorify God.

HOW to cut federal spending: a way that might WORK

If you like this spending cut idea, send it to your Congresspeople and senators and friends.

From: Andrew Lohr/1503 Roanoke Ave/Chattanooga, TN 37406

To: Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, U.S. House, on 28 Jan. A.D. 2013

Dear Rep. Fleischmann:

Since neither Presidents nor Congresses in any combination of party have cut federal spending, and it needs to be done, here’s a suggestion.

Create a new voluntary tax form, paper and online, on which taxpayers can vote to cut programs and keep for themselves some (1%?) of the money actually saved, the 1% (or whatever) to be equally distributed among all taxpayers who ask for it. Presidents have failed, Congresses have failed, so try us, the boss y’all work for. Form 1040 does now ask about the welfare program for Presidential candidates, and last I read 89% were voting against it, even without keeping any of the savings–perhaps the only successful limit on any federal spending. So expand on this success.

For example, suppose National Public Radio gets $200 million. Say twenty million taxpayers fill out the new form, half of whom vote for NPR and half against. Next year NPR gets $100 million, saving $100 million. Say 100 million taxpayers have sent in returns, and 1% of savings are to be distributed. Then $1 million is to be spread among the 10 million who voted against NPR: 10 cents each. Not much, but spending grows because the general welfare of the taxpayers as a whole has so little defense against the particular welfare of those who get the spending: NPR, Presidential candidates, or whoever. The new form–call it form 1040PV for Popular Vote?–would try to restore the balance, and the pennies of savings would add up for those who choose them.

Say the Dept of Education bureaucracy gets $1 billion. Loans and grants continue, with a small bureaucracy to administer them, but the people who write regulations and enforce them are put on form 1040PV. Say 80% of PV votes are against them. $800 million in salary becomes $600 million in unemployment benefits. That saves $200 million, not $800 million.

Changes in program structure can also be put on the form. For example, should we change jobless benefits from two thirds of salary as long as they last to two thirds for three months and then 1% less each month after that? Should farm subsidies, say, be cut 5% per year until gone? (1% and 5% from original, not from new current figure.)

Might limit total cuts to 5% of current spending, $225 billion out of $4.5 trillion or so, to keep changes from happening too fast.

We pay you guys to work out the details, but this might work, and nothing else has.

Yours, Andrew Lohr, author “Tax Day Song,” “Jesus is libertarian,” “Tea Party Coup D’etat,” etc