How to improve churches, countries, and computers

by andrewlohr

a2 responses to God. b3 God’s will be DONE (by us people)
— c1 How to improve bapti-terian churches
/ c2 How to improve worship services in particular
/ c3 How to improve the USA: d1 Why all Christians, Democrats, Republicans, Reds (Communists), Greens, and good citizens (non-criminals) should vote Libertarian. d2. Abolish slavery. d3. Want easier taxes? Try “Libertarian” ways. (See also “Zone of Love” in “Look to Jesus.”)
/c4 How to improve song and book titles
/ c5 How to improve computers

Q. Why churches before the USA and computers? A. Church matters more to God. (Computers are not the Bride of Christ. Bush and Clinton are not the Antichrist–if you want to know who 666 was, read Kenneth Gentry’s book THE BEAST OF REVELATION, available at )

–c1. 45 theses. (soon, D.V.–14 June ’07).
Q Is this ‘How to improve churches’? A Yes, although some churches know and do some of this already. Some churches should take hold of the basics better than they do–make SURE they know what they sort of know–and some could use big, hard changes in order to line up with God better.

“45 theses,” by Andrew Lohr, revised A.D. 1995 (being posted 19 June A.D. 2007)

PREFACE: Although God has already saved us in Christ by the Holy Ghost, yet we should desire MORE of Christ and MORE of the Holy Ghost, and not boast ourselves that we have attained all.

Did not Korah’s sons (Ps 42:1) and David (Ps 63:1) and Moses (Ex 33:18) desire more of God? Should we not hunger and thirst after righteousness (Luke 6:21,25; Mt 5:6?) Did not Peter, after 3 years with Jesus and after 3000 converts at one sermon, yet have things to learn (Acts 10:9-11:18 and Gal 2:11-21), and in his last written word exhort Jesus’s followers to grow (II Pet 3: 18)? Did not Paul, after years as an apostle, after seeing the 3rd heaven, after writing inspired Scripture, write “I press on … I count not myself yet to have taken hold” (Phpp 3:12-13), and with perhaps only a few months to live and knowing so, tell Timothy (II Tim 4: 13) “bring the books,” that, even then, even Paul might search out God’s word and grow thereby? Do we love God in the perfect degree required by Mt 22:37 and the like? — and shouldn’t love be, not a stagnant relationship, but a growing one? Is our love growing and growing in wisdom and strength?

8 STANDARD THESES, common and basic to most Bible-believing Christians

1. The Bible is the inerrant, authoritative word of God the Creator — II Timothy 3:16-17.
Payoff: we can trust it more than we can trust other things.

Q Do you think God dictated the Bible? A I don’t think that’s how He gave men most of it–He inspired it in a variety of ways in a variety of people and circumstances–but I think the result was exACTly what He wanted. “Process dictation” no, for the most part, but “result dictation” yes.

2. God’s people are those who confess (say and mean) “Jesus is Lord” (i.e. ‘I obey Jesus’), and who truly believe that God raised Jesus from the dead — Rom. 10:9. (Confession ordinarily includes baptism: Mt 28:18-20, Acts 2:38/8:12,36-38/9:18/10:47 etc. )

3. God is triune: Father, Son and Holy Ghost — Gen 1:1-3, (Job 33:4?, Ps 51:11-14?, Prov 1:23?, Is 4:4?), Is 11:1-2/48:16, (Ezek 11: 17-19?/36:25-27?), Joel 2:23-31, Micah 3:5-8, (Hag 2:4-7?, Zech 7: 12?), Zech 12: 10, (Mal 2: 15?), Mt 28: 19, Mk 1:10-11, Lk 11:13, Jn 7:39, Acts 2:32-33, Rom 8:9-11, I Cor 6:11, II Cor 13:14, Gal 4:6, Eph 1:12-13, Phpp 3:3, Col 1:6-8, I Thess 5:1.8-19, II Thess 2:1.3, I Tim 3:15-4:1., II Tim 1:7-8, Tit 3:5, Heb 2:3-4 / 9:14/10:29, I Pet 1:2/10-17, II Pet 1: 16-21, I Jn 3:23-4:3, Jude 1:19-21, Rev 1:4-5/9-10/14:12-13/22:16-18. [Philemon, James, II & III Jn not noted.]
–Payoff: God is LOVE (I Jn 4:8)–active interpersonal love is inherent in God. If God were simply one, all alone, as Muslims and other unitarians say, then love might be something he did, but it wouldn’t be built right into Him (as Joe Novenson said). If there were a bunch of gods, as the pagans say, heaven would just be another dog eat dog world, as in Homer. Only in triune Jehovah is perfect love metaphysically inherent, and only in Him are “the one and the many” perfectly balanced. (Read R. J. Rushdoony’s masterpiece The One and the Many, showing the outworking of the Trinity in western civilization. See also the complicated paragraph in “Why Jesus for America, of all places?” in “Look to Jesus”–click at left.) God the Father loves God the Son loves God the Holy Ghost…and although triune Jehovah has enough love in Himself, yet He lovingly creates us, sustains us, redeems us from sin…Hallelujah!

4. Jesus “died for our sins” and “was raised again for our justification” — I Cor 15:3, Rom 4:25. (“Raised for our justification” isn’t controversial among real Christians, but I suspect we don’t emphasize it as we might well do. I think because Jesus hadn’t sinned, death [wages of sin] couldn’t hold him; so raising him up declared him — and us in him — innocent of sin.) (I’ve merely scanned Richard Gaffin’s book “RESURRECTION AND REDEMPTION” on this doctrine. [Somebody oughtta tell Gaffin idolatry is sin even when its object is Geerhardus Vos].)
More payoff: By raising up Jesus from the dead, God reversed the verdict of the ecclesiastical system and the political system upon Him. Let us stick to Jesus, risen from the dead, and get God’s verdict, whatever verdict the world may pass.

5. Jesus is the only Savior — Acts 4:12. (I recall hearing Jack van Impe say there are around 400 — four hundred — such verses. ) See also “Test the spirits,” in the “b1. Praise triune Jehovah!” section via links.
Payoff: in Jesus we have God in the flesh, Creator in the creature–that gap is crossed. We also have the Holy (Holy Holy) one here on earth to save us sinners, to change us into his likeness, to make us saints. (Not just to forgive sins: “God now orders all men everywhere to repent”–Acts 17; “There is forgiveness with Thee that Thou mayest be feared”–Psalm 130–but to change lives.)

6. No one is saved by merely belonging to a church which obeys all the orders God gave the church, nor by living in a country whose laws are modeled after the laws of Israel. (It is good to conform our churches, countries, businesses, selves, etc., to God’s will, but doing so won’t directly save us or our neighbors. See points 2 and 4 above.)

7. It is good to KEEP GROWING in knowledge of God and in doing what God wants — Eph. 3:17-19, Phpp 1:9, Ps 42:1/63:1, II Pet 3: 18, etc.; preface above.

This may involve discussing divergent views on “what man is to believe concerning God, and what…duty God requires of man” (Westminster .Shorter Catechism Q.3), accepting the Biblical, and rejecting as false the non-Biblical (not necessarily rejecting the PEOPLE who hold the unBiblical view — just saying that their view on this or that one point could use correcting.) Remember the Bereans (Acts 17:11), Apollos (Acts 18:20), etc. (Acts 13:1-6).

Indeed, “Let’s Return to Christian Unity” (by some Japanese saint, K •.• ? Kurosaki?– sells it) argues, along “Plymouth Brethren” lines, that true unity is IMPOSSIBLE without a lot more discussion than most churches permit. When one man does all the talking, and everyone else (whether they agree or disagree) just listens, that’s not unity. Differences have to come up and be resolved.

“Instruct a wise man and he will be wiser still” Prov 3:9. But “Do not rebuke a mocker or he will hate you” (Prov 9:8). The reaction of some people to some Biblical truths may show some people to be “mockers.” Don’t throw pearls before swine. (I think a man may be a “swine” at one point, fiercely resistant to correction there, while a good saint at many other points.)

Thesis 8. Whatever is good to do should be done in love with as much peace and gentleness as possible — Rom 12:18, Eph 4:31-32. This includes discussions of doctrinal improvement. But Paul had to rebuke Peter to his face in public (Gal 2) in order to correct him and reach unity with him. “The wisdom that comes from above is first pure, then peaceable…” (James 3: 17). First pure. Then peaceable. Bulldozers get covered with mud.

SOME OTHER THESES, which’ll be more controversial among many evangelicals and fundamentalists

There may be people who are better- Christians than I overall, who would disagree with me on everyone of these theses. I am open to correction on these and other points (more open on some points than others, no doubt, but keep trying.) I’m committed to being Biblical, not necessarily to what I presently believe.

But whatever 200,000 sins and errors I may be living with that some Christians aren’t, I do right now believe subject to correction — that the following theses are Biblical; that many American churches are in error or ignorance on these points; and that some practical benefits (as well as academic benefits) should flow from making corrections on these points, if it is done in love and in humility before God, not in pride of knowledge. Pray for me.

By Andrew Lohr: 45 (or so) Theses and questions

8 + 1 standard Christian theses (short version.)

Q Why the longer version just above? A To firm up the foundation.
Q Why do the versions differ? A I revised the short version after writing the long.

1 God is triune — Mt 28:19-20.
2 Jesus died for our sins, and rose up for us — I Cor 15:3-4, Rom 4:25.
3 Jesus is the only Savior — Acts 4:12, Phpp 3:9.
3A: Jesus is “Son of God” and “Son of man”—2 natures, 1 person.
4 God’s people say “Jesus is Lord” and believe He rose from the dead, Rml0:9.
5 The Bible is God’s PERFECT, authoritative word II Tim 3: 15–17.
6 Nobody is saved by a good church or government — see 2,4,5.
7 Saints KEEP GROWING — I Jn 3:3, II Pet 3:18, Phpp 3:12-15.
8 Love, be gentle, confront if GOTTA — Rom 12:18, Jm 3:17.

***34 + 2 theses/questions some of which are more controversial***

9 Is a church “a house of PRAYER” more than preaching/singing’? (Mk 11:17/Is 56:7).
Payoff: Prayer takes hold of God’s infinite power. Praise and preaching have their places–very great and necessary places–but the job of preaching is to work itself out of a job by bringing hearers (and questioners!) up to the preacher’s level, while God will always deserve praise and will always be good company, worth talking and listening to. So a church should be defined by prayer (and perhaps worship, some of which can be a part of prayer), with preaching as auxiliary; not defined by preaching with prayer as the grease that makes the preaching and whatnot go smoothly, but with prayer as the gasoline that powers the whole works, that itself does the work. I overstate the contrast, but do we pray in order that the preaching go well (preaching the end, prayer the means), or preach in order that men may fellowship with God (prayer the end, preaching a means?) Bluntly, is preaching sometimes an idol, like the brass serpent? “Preaching is more addictive than cocaine”–Gene Edwards. ‘Serving Jesus is one of the biggest idols in the church today’–same.

10 Does a church give “first of all” attention to what Paul puts “first of all” in I Tim 2:1-2? If those verses disappeared from Scripture, would the disappearance of what Paul put “first of all” have ANY effect on our church life?
(Well, A.D. 2008 is a U.S. election year, and the war on terror has probably gotten us praying along these lines a bit more than I saw in the late 20th century, but I still think most churches could use improvement here.)

12 Is a church open to major structural improvement (cf I Jn 1:8-10, Phpp 3:12-15) — open to changes in worship habits? [Or does it claim to be perfect? Or is there some 3rd alternative?]

13 Is a church set up to permit her imperfect people to confess their sins and pray for each other (Jm 5:16), or is confession improvised and rare? HELP US GET RID OF OUR SINS!

14 Does a church “covet earnestly the best gifts ••• covet to prophesy ••• quench not the Spirit”? (I Cor 12:31, 14:1/39, I Thess 5:19-20) HELP US GET CLOSER TO GOD!!

15 Does a church forbid people who are under Jesus’ authority, are discipling, are teaching obedience to Him, and have Jesus with them, to administer the sacraments (Mt 28:18-20; cf Heb 4:16, I Cor 1:13-17, Mk 9:38-39)?
Q You really think non-reachers can do communion? A I’ve looked into the Bible, and into what some Presbyterians say: I’ve looked at the “Westminster Confession/Catechisms” and their prooftexts, and into the PCA original position papers, and talked with Jeff(rey J.) Meyers about his arguments–and I’m convinced there should be pastors (elders, clergy, preists, whatever) and that they should supervise and oversee, but I see no proof that clergy are needed to baptize or to celebrate communion. (In the Rice-Campbell debate, repulbished by, Rice did OK for the most part but Campbell ate him for lunch on this topic.) Jesus said Go, make disciples, baptize them…(Mt 28); I’ve heard a preacher say Go, make disciples, bring them here [to church] for me to baptize.

16 Does a church deny that “everyone has” something “for the edification of the church” in public assembly (I Cor 14:26)?

17 Does preachers’ monopoly (15 & 16 above) set a bad example for doctors, lawyers, barbers, taxi drivers, peanut farmers, and the like who “make the ephah small, and the shekel great”?
Payoff: we’re freer to “serve one another in love” when union rules forbidding some services are gotten rid of.

(18 Immersion is not NT baptism: I Cor 10:2, I Pet 3:20-21, Acts 2:17/10:45: Israel baptized, Egyptians immersed; Noah baptized, world immersed; church baptized with tongues of fire on head (Rev 20: death and hell immersed in lake of fire, Holy Ghost ‘poured out’ in baptism of Spirit.) Heb 9:10 the Law of Moses contained various baptisms, though it contained no immersions.)

(19 Baptize covenant infants whose parents’ll rear them in the Lord: I Cor 10: 1-2.)
Q Baptize babies? A Yeah (the right babies), so they can take communion–click on “Feed God’s babies” at left.

20 Does a church “give attention to the reading” (I Tim 4: 13)–read the Bible (aloud) much while gathered?

(21 John, Jesus, Peter, and Paul preached “repent” (Mt 3:2/4:17, Lk 3:3,8/24:47, Acts 2:38/3:19/26:20). The Shorter Catechism says “the Scriptures principally teach what man is to believe concerning God, and what duty God requires of man.” Do these sum up a church’s sermons?)

22 Does a church celebrate communion as often as the NT church did (I Cor 11:20, Acts 2:42/20:7, Rev 1:10/3:20/19:9), Calvin wanted, and Augustine presumed? (Every week, or oftener)?

23 Baptized infants should receive communion, because: (click “Feed God’s babies” at left).

A> Mt 18:1-10, little ones’ angels in Heaven always behold the face of the Father and it is sin to despise little ones–sin to underestimate their spiritual capacity.

B> Saved infants have part in the Lord’s death and coming, so they should have part in His Feast also (I Cor 11:26).

C> Infants are kept from the Table without the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses to their sins.

0> Some preachers tell unbelievers and hypocrites not to eat, struggling Christians to eat; this cruelly puts infants in the class of unbelievers and hypocrites.

E> Lk 1:15, 41, 44–the Holy Ghost can work on infants from conception on, even before birth.

F> Jesus is our example, and HE on earth was ALWAYS (from conception on) in right relationship with the Father, worthy to eat at the Father’s table.

13> Jesus said “Do this” but we make infants NOT do it.

H> 1 Cor 11:21–adults eat and drink without waiting for and carefully including some who should be welcomed. This makes our table to be ‘not the table of the Lord.’

I> OT children ate the passover, and communion is the NT passover, and God didn’t say to change this. (1 Cor 10:1-4, Ex 12:4, 1 Sam 1:3-5).

J> A good Father feeds all his children except the slothful or independent. By not feeding infants, we tell them they’re not children of the Father.

K> The church gave communion to infants before AD 1000 or so: then superstition (ooohh, we can’t let kids spill the Blood of Jesus!!!) caused kids to be kept from the Table. The Eastern Orthodox churches have never stopped giving communion to their kids (whatever mistakes the EO make, they avoided that one.)

Can infants examine themselves and discern the body? See Lk l/Jn 9/Gen 25/Ps 51/Rom 5, etc., — and the virgin Birth — on the Bible doctrine of infant capacity; Jer 17:9 on adult capacity; and, can two or three witnesses see every infant NOT examining/discerning? and, I Cor 11:28 is addressed to individuals, not to the elders; and, if infants are in the Body, is it discernment to exclude them?

Must elders judge other peoples’ infants? Only, as with anyone, if sins become visible. (1 judge myself, and my near neighbors judge me, before the elders come around. Same with infants — and see #15-17 above on laymen, not just preachers, doing the sacraments. Parents are responsible; elders back them up and, if necessary, correct them.)

24 Does a church use a different beverage for communion from what the NT church (I Cor 11:21) used (and–for Presbyterians–the Westminster standards name?)

(25 Obeying God isn’t legalism. Claiming God’s blessings as due on grounds of obedience, and treating as God’s Law anything which is not God’s Law, are.)

(27 God gave OT Israel laws perfect for their place in redemptive history and their hard hearts (Ps 19:7, Mt 19:8).)

(28 Jesus came not to abolish the law but to establish it (Mt 5:17-18); faith establishes the law (Rom 3:31); the Son and Spiritual men achieve the same thing the law tried to do (Rom 8:3-4); the law is absolutely not against the promises (Gal 3:21); in the new covenant God writes his law on our hearts (Heb 8:10/Jer 31c31).)

(29 The whole New Testament was written before the Temple was destroyed in A.D. 70; no NT book refers to the destruction of the Temple as past. Jesus will come back sometime in our future. But Mt 24/Mk 13/Lk 21 and Revelation are mostly about the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem in AD 70, which was a world-shaking event for the early NT church.)

30 Does.3. church match “psalms” with hymns and spiritual songs (Eph 5:19, Col 3:16), and love all of each of Jehovah’s own lyrics compared with how we love other available lyrics? Variety of music, all of each Psalm included?

(31 “Every man hath a psalm” (I Cor 14:26); everyone sings a song, either of his own composition or from Scripture (Tertullian via Rutz and Lohr); do churches permit congregational choice of music?)

(32 Because OT Israel is the only nation to which God gave political laws, we should improve modern laws — they need improvement, right? — by consulting God’s OT laws, with due regard to Jesus’s first coming, to NT changes, to social changes, and to our fallibility.)

(34 The “great tribulation” of Mt 24:21 is the destruction of the Temple in A.D. 70, which clears up a lot of eschatological speculation. Read Chilton”s PARADISE RESTORED and Gentry’s THE BEAST OF REVELATION at )

(35 The “millennium” of Rev 20:2, 7 began with Jesus’ FIRST coming, the central point of history — glory to Him! — and continues until His 2nd coming, except for the final loosing of Satan, whatever that is.)

(36 The gospel is to prevail worldwide in this age: Mt 28:18-20, Ps 2/22/110, etc.)

(37 Premils are right that a coming of Jesus begins the millennium, amils that its length is indefinite, postmils that the gospel prevails — Peter Leithart.)

(39 When the church practices and teaches these things, she will be setting a good example from which individuals, families, and other institutions will profit.)

40 Does a church express blessing on both sides when such differences as in Acts 15:37-40, Rom 14:1-15:7, 1 Cor 8:7-12 pop up?

40-A. Do people in church keep growing spiritually, or does one who comes, tithes, and avoids scandal pass for as good a Christian as he has any need to be and ever will be? (I Jn 3, Phpp 3 … )

40-B. Do people in church greet one another with a holy kiss (I Cor, II Cor, Peter, and somewhere else in NT)?

41 Does a church express care like that of Jesus (In 17:21) for the unity of all God’s people (even across denominational/theological lines, as far as may be?) (At the Tower of Babel, everybody had unity, but it was against God. It is better to be the only man in union with God, than to Join all other men in union against God. [Athanasius contra mundum.]) But this unity has to show up on earth–‘by this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love one for another,’ said Jesus. When was the last time you prayed for the pope, the archbishop of Canterbury, the patriarch of Constantinople, and Franklin Graham?

42 At the end of the age all men will be raised and Judged in one great event at the return of Christ; there will be ONE last Judgment, I Thess 4:16-5:4, Jn 5:28-30.) Jesus will come back sometime. (Hallelujah!)

–c2. How to improve Christian worship services.
—-Me to the late R. J. Rushdoony at an “Appalachian Conference to Rebuild America” during a Q & A session: Sir, the “Tyler theonomists” have written that not only does the country need to be rebuilt along Biblical lines, but even the 11am worship services of churches need to be rebuilt to make God happy. Would you care to comment about this?
—-“Rush”: No I wouldn’t. (Crowd: Hahahahaha!)

–c3. How to improve the USA (and other countries).

As of 8 September A.D. 2007, I (Andrew Lohr), exercising my own first and other Amendment rights, intend to vote for Ron Paul for President (, I think) and I ask you to please do the same.

—d1. Why all Christians, Democrats, Republicans, Reds, and Greens should vote Libertarian
—-Why all Christians should vote Libertarian
1. Because God advised the Israelite “Constitutional Convention” against taxes of 10%, and Libertarians would get US taxes below 10%. I Samuel 8.
2. Because God gives government the job of punishing evildoers and praising doers of good–NO OTHER JOBS. Libertarians would move other jobs from government to business, thus allowing free choices: competition, instead of monopolies enforced by the IRS. Romans 13.
3. Because God tells us to pray that political leaders and other people let us live good lives in peace. (As the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence say, governments exist to protect the rights of the governed.) Libertarians would not add other purposes to this one true purpose of government. I Timothy 2.
4. Because Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, voluntarily gave His own life to pay for His own good ideas; therefore it is the opposite of Christian to force other people to pay taxes for your own good ideas. In the name of Calvary, crucify the welfare state and stop crucifying taxpayers. John 10.
5. Because God advised against “eminent domain” (government taking your property, as Jezebel did to Naboth) and Libertarians would cut way down on such taking. (Is your God big enough to question “eminent domain,” or is he too small?) I Kings 21, I Samuel 8.
6. Because when tax-paid schools are abolished, Christians will no longer be taxed to pay for Bible-less, prayer-less schools. When tax-paid welfare is abolished (for corporations and beggars both), those who work will no longer be taxed so non-workers eat at our expense.
6. Because coveting is sin. Repent. Exodus 20.
—-Why all Democrats and poor people should vote Libertarian.
-Democrats claim to care for poor people. Libertarians let poor people keep the money they earn, instead of taxing it away from them; spend it as they please, instead of telling them what NOT to do with it; and earn more in whatever ways they choose, instead of regulating and taxing and forbidding new little businesses. Libertarians would let poor people save money by seeing a nurse instead of a doctor, and a paralegal instead of a lawyer; libertarians would stop making poor people pay rich people whose services they don’t need. Libertarians would let poor people live in a shabby apartment instead of letting a housing inspector tell them to go find someplace else to live. Libertarians would stop taxing Christians for unGodly schools and atheists for schools that tolerate Christian activity; each would pay for the schools each wants.
—-Why all Republicans and rich people should vote Libertarian.
-Your taxes would go down. (And isn’t the GOP the anti-slavery party?)
—-Why all Communists should vote Libertarian.
-Under Libertarianism, each worker owns what s/he owns. By owning stock, workers own the means of production. Under Communism the government–Stalin, Mao, Castor, etc–owns everything.
—-Why all enemies of crime should vote Libertarian.
-In A.D. 2000 in the US, 625,000 arrests swere made for murder, robbery, and aggravated assault combined, but 734,000 arrests for marijuana. Libertarians would lay off the potheads to crack down on the serious criminals.
—-Why all Greens and Environmentalists should vote Libertarian.
-People take care of what they own, so the way to take care of whales and of national forests is to let people own them, as we own dogs and cats and farms. Government is the biggest polluter in the world–80% of US pollution is from the US government, e.g. from TVA–so smaller government means less pollution.
—-See also the Tax Day Hymn on this website (at b1c2/3/4 New Psalm-versions…)
—-(By Andrew Lohr, speaking for himself {using his own 1st amendment rights}. Libertarian websites:; (the “Institute for Justice” may be a more effective outfit than the “Libertarian Party.” Biblical politics: (read “Unconditional Surrender,” then maybe “Victims’ Rights”); very indirectly,,,…)

-Q. Vote for the “Libertarian Party” ( Really? A. Vote for the kind of things the Libertarians are for, vote for libertarian measures and for people who’ll do libertarian things, NOT necessarily for the Party itself. Jimmy Carter decontrolled airline prices (and trucking prices?), Ronald Reagan decontrolled oil prices–those are libertarian measures. The “Constitution Party” probably has a better program than the Libertarian Party; more pro-life in particular. (“Constitution Party” sounds like a party for lawyers. I’d suggest they change their name to the warm, fuzzy, short “Peace Party.” [I think some Libertarian suggested “Peace Party” for the LP in the LP News awhile back.])
Q What about abortion? A What part of “the murder of little babies is evil” don’t people understand?
Q What about abortion and the Libertarian Party? A The LP includes pro-life people, and probably tolerates them better than the Democrats tolerate their pro-life people. The LP asks its members to sign a pledge not to ‘initiate aggression.’ Abortion is the initiation of aggression against a baby–the baby did not choose to initiate anything. So abortion contradicts LP principle, even if some party members fail to see this.
Q Didn’t some Democrat say reversing the pro-abortion “Roe” decision would end freedom in America, or something like that? A Something like that, not very like. So did she credit President Nixon with creating freedom here for the first time ever? Reversing “Roe” would crimp sluts and men who use them. (No wonder Elliot Spitzer harrassed pro-lifers, eh?) It’d give babies a lot more freedom, starting with the right to live, so it’d increase freedom overall.
Q What’s a good pro-life outfit? A, and your local pro-life emergency pregnancy center; in Chattanooga, AAA Women’s services. Other good pro-life outfits also exist.
-Q. Do you agree with everything at A. No. UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER does a good job of including politics among other things the Bible and Christianity deal with; its author uses the slogan “Politics fourth!” There’s a lot of fluff and arguable stuff at that website, but at least it’s trying to apply Jesus to politics; many Christians simply absorb their politics from the world. PRODUCTIVE CHRISTIANS IN AN AGE OF GUILT MANIPULATORS is another good book, though rather nastily written, at
-Q. Do you agree with everything at the other websites? A. No.
See also “The Zone of Love in sex, POLITICS, money and religion” in “Look to Jesus” (see left sidebar.)

c3 (USA+)d2. Abolish Slavery !!!

Stop taxing Christians for Godless schools. Stop taxing ANYone for ANY school that fails to teach students what the taxpayer thinks students should learn (don’t tax atheists for religious schools). Let each freely choose what schooling to pay for. ABOLISH SLAVERY.

“SLAVERY” IS when one persons works earning money but someone else gets to spend the earnings without mostly-voluntary agreement from the money-earning worker. A job is not slavery, because we can change jobs. For one person to be richer than another is not slavery, because we need people a little richer than us for personal help and need people a lot richer than us to organize big companies to hire us and sell us things. A contract is not slavery, because both sides agreed to it.

Stealing is slavery because the thief takes by force or fraud without the victim’s voluntary agreement.

And a lot of taxation is slavery because we taxpayers do not voluntarily agree that the government should be taking this much of our money and spending it as it does.

Abraham Lincoln got rid of 100% slavery where one person would totally own another, and Martin Luther King got rid of some semi-slavery (say 50% slavery), some restrictions of freedom that Lincoln missed, but even today there’s a lot of slavery (say 25% slavery) to get rid of. Abolish slavery.

Today’s tax forms are slavery; the government makes us do this work. Time spent filling out form 1040 is hardly voluntary. Replace 10,000 pages of tax law with a two-line form: line 1, what did you get? Line 2, send in 9% of line 1. (Triune Jehovah, the great God Almighty Himself, takes 10%, so the mere little government should take less: 9% or less.) Abolish slavery: set up one low, flat tax.

Abolish slavery: Stop taxing workers to pay (1) people who don’t work, and(2) bureaucrats–some bureaucrat makes $40,000 a year helping a poor family, or a drunk, get $1200 a year in food stamps.

Abolish slavery: replace Social Security, which is based on government IOUs that gain 2% per year, with your own personal retirement plan, where you own your own pension fund and can pass it on to your heirs, that gains several percent per year; adjustable to your own life expectancy and whatever you can afford, not charging a flat 13% per year for blacks and whites and men and women.

Regulations are slavery. Get rid of laws that make us pay lawyers for jobs the lawyer’s secretary could do (and does.) Get rid of laws that make us pay doctors for jobs nurses or friends could do. Get rid of laws that make a guy go to school for a year and take a test (for Tennessee) in Nashville if he wants to be a barber. Just make a guy who’s not a doctor, or not a lawyer, or not a barber, say so, so his customer can freely choose the less qualified cheaper person. If you could do a competitive job, it’s slavery when the law says you are not free to do it. Abolish slavery.

Abolish slavery by court action: support the Institute for Justice, . Abolish slavery by political action: join the Libertarian Party, .

Abolish slavery, O Christians! (Abolish ecclesiastical slavery: , , , … )

Abolish slavery, you readers: .

d3. Want easier taxes? Try “Libertarian” ways.

How I, Andrew Lohr, joined the “Libertarian Party” (

The “Libertarian” Party (LP) wants to make the U.S. government much smaller. MUCH smaller! I’d known about the LP since 1980 and had sometimes voted for LP candidates, but only in 1998 did I finally join the LP. Someone had written a letter to the editor saying the government had to offer schools, parks, and things like that. I was writing a letter answering him, and I said, more or less, Have you never heard of Baylor, McCallie, and GPS? Have you never heard of Disney World? My point was that business does supply schools, parks, and everything else on his list~ in other words, Libertarianism already works. My letter was so easy to write–it was so obvious that business supplies all these things–that I went on to join the LP. (This page speaks for me, not officially for the LP, using my own 1st Amendment rights.)

Why more business and less government, as the LP favors?

Business gives you a choice every day– Pizza Hut vs. Taco Bell vs. Burger King vs. Subway–but government gives you a choice only every two or four years, or when a judge dies. And business gives everyone a chance to be happy at the same time–Pizza AND Taco AND Burger AND Sub–but government makes winners and losers. With business, you choose what to buy and pay for, but government makes you pay whether you use its services or not–you pay for public schools even if you save the taxpayers $6000 per student by home schooling or using private schools. Business involves realistic trades that both sides accept: I want peanut butter, BiLo wants money, we make a deal, and both of us are happier. Government does not make money, it just moves money from one person to another, and some of the money sticks to the government; taxpayers have to pay the money-mover. So we need a lot less government and a lot more business.

Is Libertarianism Biblical? Christian? (No and yes:

Well, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, died to pay for His own program; He did NOT ‘crucify’ the taxpayers; He Himself paid. And he had been executed by the only superpower of those days, the Roman empire; when He rose up alive from the dead, emptying his grave, God showed the only superpower who the Only Superpower is. So people who trust God can question whatever the government does; God is right and the government can be wrong. And God’s lists of things for the government to do (Romans 13, I Timothy 2) are VERY short lists, while God’s list
(I Samuel 8) of reasons to reject a form of government apply to the U.S. government, which does all the things God says you’d prefer the government not do. Not that the LP is a Christian party–it isn’t–but some of its program is more Christian than other parties’ programs.

How shall we apply Libertarianism?

Well, I invite you to join the LP ( ; in Hamilton County, ). The county party sometimes meets at a restaurant; join us (Dutch). Beautiful Rhonda Thurman spoke to us once . The LP is actually trying to get more business and less government; GOP and even Demos sometimes talk about this a little, but they hardly try. The LP already has about 600 officeholders nationwide.

Imagine paying for the schools you want, instead of paying taxes for Bible-less, prayer-less schools. Imagine a 13% pay raise for all workers, with Social Security abolished; imagine owning your retirement account and passing it on to your kids. Imagine keeping what you earn, instead of paying welfare bums and bureaucrats not to work. Imagine ( ) going into business for yourself without having to fill out all kinds of forms, get all kinds of licenses, and pay all kinds of taxes. Join the LP.

Q Was Jesus libertarian? A Yes, in his life, death, resurrection, church, and doctrine–but not a member of the Libertarian Party, of course.
-In His life, because He rejected terrorism on the one hand–terrorists back then used daggers not bombs, but there were some (Greek words sicarii “daggermen,” lastas–lace-tace–“thugs,” and “zealots”). On the other hand, He did NOT conform; He did not get into any box anyone offered Him. He lived as a free man in a not very free world. In his death, because he paid for his own program; he gave his life and did not ‘crucify’ the taxpayers for His own good ideas. In his resurrection, because it overturned and overruled the verdict of the ‘only superpower’ of those days. In his church, because “it is for liberty that Christ has set us free” so we can ‘serve one another in love.’ In doctrine because the aims of govt (I Tim 2), jobs Rom 13, price I Sam 8…

–c4. How to improve book and song titles.
The purpose of a title is to get a shopper who knows nothing about the book or album to grab it off the shelf and take a look. Let me repeat: the purpose of a title is to get a shopper to grab the item and at least think about buying/reading/hearing it. (A shopper or library borrower.)
-Q You didn’t repeat! A Yes I did, wording it differently in hopes of making my meaning clear to you. When I quote myself, I will decide what counts as an accurate quote. (The same applies to God in Scripture.)
Examples of good titles. Good song title: “Butterfly Kisses.” I suspect some people bought that thinking it a new kind of fornication, but it’s a nice song, well worth hearing. (If you have a good title, fulfill the title’s promise with good material. Fritz Ridenour had good book titles–“HOW TO BE A CHRISTIAN WITHOUT BEING RELIGIOUS”–but I didn’t like the books themselves nearly as much as those of C. S. Lewis. {Not BAD books, but they had lots of competition.) Good book title (at least for me): “Slavery, Sabbath, War, and Women.” Click on “Look to Jesus” at left (on THIS website) for tract titles I think appealing. I told pastor Burke Shade (Carbondale, Illinois) he should publish a selection from his sermons on Jesus in Ecclesiastes under the title “Jesus who shepherds the fog.”

–c5. How to improve computers (if you like these, tell your computergeek friends, and tell Microsoft, that you’d like to see these things be done: “Look at and improve computers the way it suggests.”)

d1. Have “Help” for every icon AT THAT ICON, telling novices what the icon is supposed to do, HOW TO GET RID OF THAT ICON if what it does is not something you want to do (and how to find it again if you do want it), what difference the icon and its function makes…I buy a new computer and it throws all kinds of stuff at me, most of which I don’t really need to deal with, and don’t care to deal with twice or every time if once is enough.

d2. Good news, bad news. Good news, the computer always does exactly what you tell it to do. Bad news, you haven’t always told it what you think you’ve told it (your fingers haven’t always told it what your mind would like to tell it.)
–Improvement: let the computer always TELL you what it’s doing (in a little box on the screen), not just (on my A.D. 2007 model) show a little circle circling, or (on older models) a cursor flashing–with an option to go back and try again if what it’s doing isn’t what you want. As soon as the computer understands a command, let it tell you what the command is, so you can stop it if it’s the wrong command.

d3. Two or three times Napster has taken over this screen while I was working on it, and gave me no way to get back from the Napster ad to what I was working on (only to sign into Napster), so I lost what I’d just done. Something on the screen blamed the website for this. I don’t mind pop-up ads at the side, but I like to be able to ignore them and keep going. Get rid of takeover ads. / Similarly, yahoo and google have once taken over the whole screen, not even leaving me a toolbar at the top (yahoo took over and I got into google which didn’t relent). Eventually some fiddling with google restored a toolbar.
–Improvement: make sure the user can ALWAYS, with one easy click, get unwanted stuff off his screen and get back to business. Attention Napster, Yahoo, Google. Indeed, make anything that’s going to take over the screen ask permission and offer an option to get back to what one was doing instead of letting it take over the screen (this morning I hit some wrong button and all of a sudden was receiving Windows updates instead of processing words.)

d4. There are some things I often do that take several clicks (hit A, wait, hit B, wait…)
–Improvement: offer a “set up sequence” section (and make obvious where it’s at), so that by clicking on one icon (newly created in the set-up-sequence section) I can, e.g., not just get to internet explorer but maximize it (fill the screen with it), and–depending on which icon I click–go straight to, e.g., this website OR to email OR…