some blogbait from February ’13

by andrewlohr

To re Clay Bennett cartoon 5 Feb ’13. I include this link because I often post here.

Says Clay? Limbaugh, who was fired 7? times, earns more money, I’m sure. The Tea Party noticed a problem that Senator Obama considered serious–“unpatriotic”–when it was Bush’s problem, and promised to cut in half when he was asking us to make it his problem, but has made worse; indeed he’s defending the problem, deficits, against solution. NRA: “More Guns Less Crime” is the facts. Heritage does lots of homework. Drudge and Back may have bees in their bonnets, but they do some interesting journalism. Fox and GOP offer mixed bags. CPAC sounds OK.

Trouble is, Mr Bennett’s ideology blinds him–officially as a cartoonist, anyway–to virtue on the right to a ridiculous (and only rarely funny) degree. Wish he’d open his official mind a bit, if his (equally bigoted) bosses will let him. Surely his criticisms of those of us who are right would have more bite, not less, and draw more interest from unpredictability, if he noticed officially that some lefties have faults and that the right has virtue here and there. I will cheerfully admit that he can draw better than I (and for all I know, play the accordion better), and perhaps he’ll cheerfully admit his wife can draw better than he, or at least than his cartoons demonstrate.

To David Cook column same date:

Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. I tend to agree with your point. These people are working hard, and they deserve to earn something (and in some cases, I understand, the rules against pay make it hard for them to get money they truly need). But you make it a smug way, an arrogant way, a colonialistic way may I say? Memorize I Corinthians 13, or recite it before writing and before rewriting a column. Frederick Douglass had, I’m sure, met all the abolitionist big shots, and said Abe Lincoln (of the GOP, whatever his and its flaws) was the only one who seemed to treat him as truly his equal. Beware.

To Free Press editorial:

God created Adam and Eve. If He hadn’t, our esteemed editor and I wouldn’t be here. Jesus used the creation arrangement as evidence that somewhere around every divorce was sin. The same applies to ‘gay’ conduct. What’s new this generation that changes that? Sin is sin. Pure ‘gay’ can’t breed (until artificial fertilization and articifial wombs come around); breeding requires the cooperation of both sexes. So ‘gay’ always has some wiggle room, some degree of choice. Likewise other sexual tendencies, some of which can be worse sins sometimes. (Brothers, straight fornication and divorce also involve sins, and are more popular than ‘gay’ sins.) Some accommodation or toleration, fine–Christians and churches need to be holy, and to preach repentance, but need not worry too much about what unbelievers do. But forcing accommodation on those who’d rather not? How bigoted. How phobic. How timebound. How vile.

To FP ed of 4 Feb after 34 comments:

If fracking replaces more coal with gas than it adds methane, it’s a net benefit, right? Isn’t that why the US is both richer and less polluting than when Al Gore was veep?

Love is more than niceness, but conservative shows more signs of knowing God is love than his (her?) liberal critics here, and has researched a better Book though maybe not as many lesser books.

To Times editorial 7 Feb eulogizing Mayor Gene Roberts of blessed memory:

And the twice I met him he was courteous to me well beyond the call of duty.

I think one or two of his budgets spent fewer dollars than the previous year’s budget. That’s amazing in a politician. (The Times being the liberal Times, no wonder they didn’t mention it.)

Did the school merger really save the $40 million a year that was promised, though? If not, should we be cautious about future system mergers? (Some may work, but crunch the numbers hard.)

February 7, 2013 at 6:41 a.m

To blog and mablog:

Jonathan, “many Christians are taught to automatically distrust anything that comes out of such a methodology”? Who teaches this?

Many of us are taught to distrust evolution, but evolution is the hypothesis that there are no limits to breeding. But mules are sterile, so the hypothesis is false. Evolution is also the hypothesis that it’s OK to eat evolutionists. But murder is sin, so the hypothesis is false.

If psychology is science, I suppose Christians doubt it next to evolution. Did you catch Leithart’s claim, I think from Jared Diamond, that 80% of those in most psych surveys are psych undergrads? That’s like doing 80% of fish studies in Lake Michigan.

Miracles? Hypothesis: if I touch the hem of His garment, I will be healed. Result: healed. But no repeating. Different kind of complication for Doug’s and your criteria.

A statistic is a collection of anecdotes.

To on N. T. Wrights and wrongs, specifically Obamacare:

Forcing healthy people to pay sick people to be sick is wise policy?

If so, is it Constitutional? Or should it, if wise, be done by amendment, by 2/3 of Congress and 3/4 of the states, rather than by breaking promises? (There was also a promise not to raise taxes on anyone making under $250,000 per year.) Psalm 15.

Health is external? Drunkards, gluttons and fornicators mess up their health because of what’s in their hearts. Force people to subsidize sin? I heard tell Safeway groceries kept their health insurance costs flat A.D. 2005-2009 using health incentives.

Health, health care, and health insurance are three different things.

To Paul Krugman NY Times 8 February:

You admit the federal debt to GDP ratio was a third lower when Speaker Gingrich left office than it was when he came in. As soon as President Clinton divorced Hillary and married Newt, the budget headed toward balance.

You fail to admit that the Bush tax cuts increased revenue by almost $5 trillion. Spending caused the deficits.

If deficits are good now, why didn’t President Bush’s deficits save the economy?

If deficits are good, how come the recession President Harding ignored went away quickly but the recession Hoover and FDR threw money at became the Great Depression? (Harding’s tax cuts also increased both revenue and the percentage paid by the rich.)

I still haven’t seen you say how stimulus paid for by taxes can stimulate the overall net economy, since the taxed money cannot be spent by the taxpayers; nor how stimulus paid by borrowing can stimulate, since what D.C. borrows we can’t borrow (isn’t shortage of credit an admitted problem?); nor how stimulus paid by printing new money can stimulate, since it reduces the value of all dollars (washcloths and gasoline prices are up 50% under President Obama), and since it didn’t work for the Confederacy, the Wiemar Republic, or Zimbabwe.

Did y’all see Ben Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast?

11 Feb Yahoo response to news the Pope is resigning:

Again bro Joe, aka/dba pope Benedict, show he’s a capable man. Let us pray, and pray hard (fasting anyone?) for a new pope who serves triune Jehovah and triune Jehovah’s people at least as well; or with even more wisdom, trust in God, love (love as defined by God, not by corrupt culture), holiness, zeal, and wisdom in delegating, plus whatever other qualities a pope needs.

(From an “adjective catholic,” with brotherly love for “trademark Catholics” in Christ Jesus the Lord of lords–Pope of popes?–and only Savior.)