by andrewlohr

Show what you’re learning.  I’ll help you learn.
Any age (pre K to older adult). I do best with students willing to learn.

Editing and proofreading
For students
Let me read and mark a copy of what you’ve written, then talk it over with me and make what you decide are improvements.  Or look over your computer together.    A school is trying to teach you, so I’d better try to help you improve this paper in ways that will make it easier for you to write better next time.  I’ll use what I know of English (both grammar and what sounds good), and my general knowledge, to help you improve, but I won’t write it for you.   The teacher needs to know that you know, so you, not just I, need to know.
For writing aimed at publication
Here I might go farther in drafting bits and pieces, and work less at trying to teach you how to write well, since the aim here is a good piece of writing more than a well-taught student.
If you’re in a class with textbooks, show me what you’re working on (textbooks and assignments) and I’ll try to help you grasp it so that you will know what you need to know and be able to show the teacher that you know.
If you want me to teach you something I know, get in touch and we’ll work out details.
History–B.A. degree from Covenant College (GPA around 3.5), and a lot of reading.
English–good grades and a lot of reading.
Math–good grades, Calculus in high school and graded Calculus papers in college, A in statistics at UTC.
Theology/Bible–Covenant Clg, Chatt State, UTC, CSU-DH classes, lots of reading, decades of trying to live it out.
Literature–a few courses and a fair bit of reading.
Accordion–see my youtube videos (as “alohrm3s”) and some yahoo voices videos.  Two terms of lessons in high school.
New Testament Greek–4 semesters at Covenant 30 years ago, dabbling since.
Lifestyle counseling–talk about where you are and where you want to go, and I’ll give you whatever feedback and advice seems useful from 51 years (born A.D. 1961) of experience.  Maybe I can help you make different mistakes.
High school valedictorian, top 1% SATs, college 3.5 or so, 4-time graduate school dropout.
I use my own name, Andrew Lohr,  on the web.  (Think of it as a rehearsal for the Judgment Day.) You can find things I’ve written and decide if I know enough in general, and enough of writing in particular, to help you.   (Decide if, when I write informally, I’m doing so by accident or on purpose–because I can’t help it or because it communicates well where I choose to use it, so I can help you avoid it if you need standard English, but can also work with you if you’re trying to write differently.)
Blog   (You are here).
Yahoo voices collection, some articles, some videos:
Youtube videos:…38586.40394.0.42442.…0.0…1ac.1.8Qepu7gu4ow  I don’t think you want me teaching you video technique.
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Universitytutor handle:  Andrew L.

Price–basically $15/hour to begin with.  Negotiable.  For example, say we start clocking right after we meet and stop clocking when we’re done.   If we seem to have been working hard and productively the whole time, $15/hr.  If it feels like we got 1 hr of work done in 2 hours, maybe deduct an hour or drop the rate, especially at first session.  If you’ve had more expensive tutors who do worse or no better than I, I can take a raise.  I expect to earn my pay, but I aim to do a good job helping you; I’m not out for every buck I can get.  I might need to ask for parking fees, or driving fees if I have too far to go.
Place–public, e.g. a restaurant or student center.   As Billy Graham requires of himself and his team, not alone behind closed doors.
Time–whatever we agree on.   “Anytime” means you’re welcome to ask; I have been known to get up early when a friend finished drafting his paper, and go through it with him.  It doesn’t mean I’ll be free every minute 24-7.
Phone–493-9449.  I wake up easily, and there’s an answering machine.
Facebook:  Andrew Lohr or Wendy Dibble-Lohr; make sure you tell us you want tutoring.  (She’s on more than I).