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by andrewlohr

To Wall St Journal article, 6 views on what new pope needs, 9 Mar

Nice range of insights in your six articles, but James Carroll considers the religions of Osama bin Laden, of Joseph Stalin, and of those who martyred Graham Starnes and his young sons, “authentic ways to God”?  No, they are authentic ways to Hell.  Those who follow those religions, and those who lead them today, are people who deserve the love Jesus showed and requires us to show, a love we Christians show in visible but fallible ways. Do you know what percentage of 3rd world hospitals were started by Christians?  How does the average government in Christendom compare with the average  Muslim, atheistic, or even Hindu government?   A doctor who tells all his patients “You’re healthy” is a liar, and however nice he is his actions are a form of hate. “Love” in a doctor is telling his patients “You need this rather rigorous treatment.”
To Bennett cartoon, TFP 24 February:
Now that Mr Bennett has spoken in (forked) tongues, here’s an interpretation.  From wikipedia: “hasta” = until, as in hasta manyana (until tomorrow), hasta la vista (until the sight, until we see each other again). From  “la tuya”  = yo mamma, or at least, yours with overtones of yo mamma (“la” is feminine); far from a compliment.

Why do they want to come here?  Because it’s a better country.  Why better?  They had the great Aztec and other civilizations (massive human sacrifice and war, but impressive pyramids and other infrastructure), overtopped with the great Spanish civilization; lots of natural resources (that Amazon rainforest)…why aren’t we sneaking south?  Because of evangelical Christianity here.  Liberating, hardworking, creative, flawed but aspiring, all with honor to triune Jehovah.  Repent of the problems and join the solution.

The best known Hispanic in the US is a Republican, Marco Rubio, joined by Ted Cruz in the Senate.  Whether their politics of freedom and respect will outdo the Democrats’ plantation (hacienda) policy of buying votes with tax dollars and borrowed money and unfunded promises, we shall see. Liberty versus aristocracy.

To TFP, guest col by Ron [Hart?], 22 Feb:

Takes a blind partisan to know one, nukky.

Ha, Ron.

If you want to transcend partisanship, Jesus is libertarian, so replace partisan political democracy with nonpartisan economic democracy.  Instead of Biden wins Palin loses, economic democracy–libertarianism–gives us burgers and tacos and pizzas and subs and even the wingnut sushi radicals all at the same time.  Instead of being stuck with a failed President for four years at a time, economic democracy lets us vote McDonalds out and Burger King in right away:  instant accountability.  Instead of promising more than it can afford to deliver, economic democracy’s contracts are legally enforceable, and blatant fraud punishable. Economic democracy connects what we pay with what we get:  If I want peanut butter I pay for and get peanut butter, instead of paying taxes into a general fund.  Give us less political dictating, and more economic democracy, please.
To a Mark Horne post on a “Kuyperian” website, 23 Feb.
Hi, Mark. “Calling people idiots and denying that they should ever be heard or considered has a far greater role in the “Christian world and life view” as it is actually practiced by Christians than anyone wants to admit.” Uh, I think you avoided “idiot” and “ever”–you wrote’ learn,’ not ‘just shut up’–but you did come across as denying that some should be heard, coming kinda close to your own cross hairs. Paul, I don’t think he called for censorship (except by selves and maybe implicitly by editors, church boards, etc, within their own scope, which I have no problem with). You both come across as kinda censorious. I agree with you that God can make sure His friends know what they need to know, and with Mark that there’ll always be more we can learn which may affect what we partly know or think we know (and you’d probably agree). Maybe Mark happens to have heard more “Calling people idiots…” than he liked lately??
I’d like to add that given division of labor (Eve got pregnant, not Adam), we all have partial knowledge that MAY be enough for our purposes. Islam obviously does harm by denying the Trinity (god simply one all alone, one prophet, one ayatollah, hence dictatorial tendencies) and denying the atonement, and Muslims should become Christians, whether or not Ibn Saud is in bed with Obama, and whether or not Atheism overall does more harm than Islam. Some of us may be called to witness to Muslims without knowing or caring much about the latter two questions; others may be called to tackle the latter with associated evils. (Not every blog or site needs as much on paedocommunion as mine has, and while I argue for its importance I acknowledge that not everyone need pay it as much attention as I.)
To TFP Bennett 23 February
Ha.  But in a rare example of bipartisanship, National Review and Paul Krugman, the half-hobbits and the orc, both endorsed the sequester.

The previous comments, while nasty, were illuminating.  Are our liberal friends sleeping in this Saturday?  Oh, well, back to bed if the kids are quiet.