Blogbait from 13 March

by andrewlohr

To David Cook 13 Mar Times-Free PRess:
Under one-way it was still lively, at least Saturday nights. Two-way was a waste of 2 million bucks: not the disaster I feared, but a waste. (My traffic engineer brother also opposed it.) A waste, imposed against the popular will–Mayor Corker ducked a vote–and supported by one lie I clearly remember, the claim that one-way kept little cross streets busy: they were dead as a doornail. It’s still a street: use it as one, though maybe turn some unused buildings into parking lots.

To Washington Post, E. J. Dionne on new pope, 13 Mar:
Francis (as he now is) left a palace for an apartment, and God’s Son left Heaven for earth: so far so good. Libertarians can be personally generous. Jesus touched lepers, and Francis has touched AIDS sufferers. In an Argentine financial crisis, Francis insisted that crony capitalist welfare for the rich not crowd out welfare for the poor. OK.

Here in the US where the “poor” own cars, TVs, houses, and thousands of jacuzzis–by Jesus’ standard most of us would be rich–replacing 90% of food stamps with a few tax-paid staples (leave 10% for condiments to make them taste better?)–might cut cost there by two thirds without starving anyone. (I’d miss my hazelnut creamer, but baked potatoes aren’t bad.) Replacing bureaucratic programs with less costly vouchers under our own control could cut costs and empower the poor: schools, insurance…Is it “social justice” when our President sends his own daughters to private school but tries to deny that choice to poor D.C. parents? Is it “social justice” when someone wants to offer tours of D.C. and D.C. wants to make him get a license? The Institute for Justice has a vision of social justice and empowering the poor that puts liberals, who sound a trumpet before themselves about how much of other peoples’ money they’re giving away, to shame. I hope our new pope (if trademark Catholics will allow us adjective catholics the “our”) and his friends pick up on the IJ kind of justice. You too, Mr Dionne. You too, Mr President.

To Washington Post 13 Mar re article about President Obama eating with GOP guys:
Most of the comments show hatred, ignorant of those with whom the commenters disagree, that the column suggests an improvement on. Jesus would talk with anyone, and sometimes demand drastic changes in their life.
Most mass murders take place in gun-free zones. The Joker chose a gun-free theater over bigger and closer theaters.
What if someone’s religion is true? If Jesus rose from the dead, he deserves some kind of special attention. A priori rejection of facts is no excuse. Suspicion, maybe, but not rejection. And I think he lived a rather libertarian life: generous himself, but not blowing the trumpet in the synagogues and streets about how much of other people’s money he’d given away.