Cessationism answered

by andrewlohr

My wife’s cat was raised from the dead; therefore atheism and cessationism are false as total worldviews, however accurate in many instances. One single positive refutes a universal negative. Scripture is complete: the Bible distinguishes canonical prophecy from prophecy outside the canon. Similarly, there were apostolic miracles and non-apostolic, e.g. at Corinth, the clearest picture we have. (Does the NT silence about the Lord’s Supper outside the gospels and I Cor prove anything?) How can Benny Hinn blow smoke, and why would Mt 7 warn against such smoke, if there were to be no fire?
(We) Preterists note that Jesus and the NT gave clear warning that the Temple/sacrifice/priesthood business was to cease. If charismatic gifts were to cease, would not something similarly clear be in order?
Charismatics don’t ask cessationist questions because they have miracles and don’t need to. When a miracle is needed and does not happen, there’s a demand for an explanation. This demand arises from living by sight (I saw no miracle), not by faith (the God of miracles is my God.) When John Wimber came to believe in miracles, and to preach them, without seeing any for six months, he was living by faith.
(Andrew Lohr, husband of Wendy)