Open Letter to Lindsay Lohan

by andrewlohr

An Open Letter to Lindsay Lohan

“Freaky Friday” exceeded my expectations. “Mine too,” said Brent Benedict, “but my expectations weren’t very high.” Other than that, I haven’t seen any work of yours, though I recall a review which said you manage to give the impression something is going on behind your eyes.

Your life, from the news, may give the opposite impression. How hard, if at all, have you thought about, yes, Jesus Christ? I stopped lusting to smoke when I became a Christian, declared a lady I used to go to church with. But I know Christians who smoke. God doesn’t give us all the same help, but He can and sometimes does. “TYap!”–Thank You (God), answered prayer!

The way alcohol or drugs hit some people, reading hits me. I’ve never drunk too much, but I have stayed up late reading and gotten into a car wreck the next day. So should I stop reading? No, God gave us a book; I need to control reading and not let it control me. “Keep alert, and pray.” Stop drinking? God’s Son turned water into wine, and shared wine saying “This cup is the new covenant in My blood.” Drink that cup, lady, and pray.

What’s in your heart? C. S. Lewis imagined two cowardly soldiers, both getting cured. Good, says one, now I can do my duty without my panic stopping me. Good, says the other, now I can take care of myself without my panic getting me shot for desertion. Their hearts were different. (I forget where Lewis wrote that, and my quote is not exact.)

How is your heart in the direction towards God? Have you thanked Him for making you an attractive and capable lady, well provided for materially? Have you considered that His glory transcends yours and can both offer you more and rightly demand more from you? God the Son, in human flesh like yours and mine, went to a stable and to a cross and to, and from, a grave.

Yes, from: examine the evidence. The first followers of Jesus knew death better than we do, for they lived closer to more of it. Their meat didn’t come from meat factories in Nebraska; it was butchered in the butcher shop a couple blocks away. (I’ve lived in Pakistan; I’ve seen carcasses hanging in those butcher shops.) They knew dead men stay dead. They knew resurrection showed God at work. Cecil DeMille is dead, but Jesus is alive. You can well work for the likes of one, but you’d better live for the other. (If DeMille stops hiring you, remember Jesus was a carpenter; nothing wrong with other lines of work.)

I imagine you have brains and time to pursue this where you are. The news I’ve seen about you hasn’t given me a clue about your interests or life in this direction, but everyone, Christian or not, needs to grow towards God as seen in Jesus Christ. You may have heard of Voltaire’s test for would-be religious leaders: Get yourself crucified and rise on the 3rd day. Only Jesus passes that test, so seek him. You can’t shock him, and you can’t get beneath him–“If I make my bed in Hell, behold, Thou are there.”

As a drunk might know about wines, I’ll venture some advice about reading. The Bible is God’s book, and deals with people of every sort. It became livelier to me by the 3rd or 4th time I read it. Read it all, but especially “the gospels,” the parts that tell about Jesus on earth.

Need thoughtful persuasion to follow Jesus? “The Reasons for God,” by Tim Keller, current pastor of a big, thoughtful, artsy church in New York City. “Mere Christianity,” by C. S. Lewis. “The Challenge of Jesus,” by N.T. Wright, a modern scholar (maybe skip the first chapter.) “Evidence that Demands a Verdict,” by Josh McDowell.

Need reports that God does miracles today? (My wife was cured of headaches, and her cat was once raised from the dead.) “The Cross and the Switchblade” by Dave WIlkerson: some drug addicts went cold turkey without pain, but not all. “Megashift” by Jim Rutz, if you can find a copy. “Surprised by the Power of the Spirit,” by Jack Deere. “Pentecostals” may blow a lot of smoke, alas, and some of them, Jesus said, will go to Hell (Matthew 7), but with the smoke is some real fire.

Maybe you know some of these people, and maybe some of them can help you where you are: . And there can be some sparkle in Christians: “How to look 30% prettier” (an estimate from comparing church to mall.)

Andrew Lohr (with Wendy and two and four-half children)