Open Letter to Newt GIngrich

by andrewlohr

An open letter to Newt Gingrich
Bill Clinton dumping Hillary and shacking up with you after the ’94 elections was the secret of his presidential success, Mr Speaker, so why aren’t you President? You as Speaker were 3rd in presidential succession, you balanced the budget, and you worked with Democrats, so against a partisan wastrel and a middling governor, why aren’t you President? Could you still serve our country in larger ways than you now are?
I think so, and I’d like you to try. You’re not President because you didn’t run as the big man, a successful #3 versus a mediocre governor whose political signature was O’Romneycare and whom you might put in charge of some department to shut it down, and because you ran on scattershot details of the day such as gas at $2.50/gallon instead of mainly running against the failed President Obama even in the primaries.
You may feel too tired or busy to run, so start soon, take it easy, and don’t worry about winning. I think you can have fun and serve the country win or lose, but obviously you need to be ready to lose, as is likely enough. You can still compete on your record as a successful #3 versus the promises and hopes of smaller Republicans, and you can still run against President Obama as he is still running against Bush.
Gov Romney lost because he made his tent too small. Peddling distortions about you and Sen Santorum, stealing delegates from and bullying Ron Paul’s people, cost him support that could’ve put him over the edge. (Conversely, running to the right we do need to reach out to RINOs.) And the GOP, you and others, does need to reach out to poor people and young people in ways he failed at.
The GOP can offer the poor the Institute for Justice agenda: opportunities to try new small businesses to earn a bit more money, and choice of schooling (home, private, public, college, or other) instead of bureaucratic uniformity. Call it “The New Empowerment”: power to the people (“people power”) instead of to the bureaucrats. Let the poor help themselves: paint “taxi” on their cars and sell rides, paint “barber” on their porches and sell haircuts, and so on.
O’Romneycare cannot repeal the law of supply and demand. A GOP alternative must increase supply: let nurses, pharmacists, and others compete with doctors, let new drugs be tried if they seem safe, let us buy cheap Canadian drugs. And it can reduce demand, not via “death panels,” but by letting us keep what we save by being healthy: medical savings accounts, different insurance rates for different risks. Increase competition in insurance and insurance alternatives–let anyone who wants to try something, try it. Trim malpractice. Individualize insurance: take insurance tax breaks away from big companies and divide them among the people (people power again, as with school choice, replacing bureaucratic power and Wall St power.)
How can you and the GOP run against the fornication agenda? Try saying: if you’re worth having sex with you’re worth marrying. Be a promise, not an experiment. You’re more than a crotch, you’re a human being, even if, like me, you’ve sinned and must repent. (I have repented, however hard it may be for my exes to forgive me.) Abstinence and monogamy may be hard work, but they do prevent pregnancy and venereal disease when used. We’re not going to send the police chasing after people having sex, but we’re also not going to send them after people and groups which have standards about sex. Hugh Hefner can pay more for STD insurance than Mother Teresa.
Are you too old? Disclose all your medical records, hammer liberals who fail to disclose all of theirs, and let the people decide. Start thinking now about Veeps (Ted Cruz?)
Are you too proud? Most politicians are very successful people who think highly of themselves. In fact, they consider themselves fit to run other people’s lives for them. The GOP was founded to correct this mistake: to let people be free, even if the master class thinks they can run the slaves’ lives better than the slaves themselves can. The party of Jefferson Davis continues this mistake, redistributing power from the people to the bureaucrats to the benefit of Wall Street. If you doubt that Obama’s bureaucracy is good for Wall St, compare the stock market to the job market! If you truly respect we the people, you won’t be too proud.
Can you win? You face steep odds, but not hopeless ones. Liberalism, bureaucratism, attacks reality: it can buy votes but cannot change human nature. Freedom lets us all use our brains, and this unleashes more brainpower than central control.