What’s on this blog as of 15 July A.D. 2013

by andrewlohr

Contents of blog 15 July A.D. 2013

Posted 15 July: Psalm singing: new resources. Some new, and revised old, Psalm versions I’ve done, mostly accordion/voice videos.

blogbait of 31 March ’13 ff, from front computer. Assorted comments.

Posted 4 July: cessationism answered. (The Holy Ghost did NOT disappear with the apostles.)

blogbait 13 March ff (rear computer)

Open letter to Lindsay Lohan

Open letter to Newt Gingrich

Blogbait 27 June and earlier

Blogbait 28 March and earlier

Posted 1 July: blogbait of 1 Apr

Posted 9 March: Feb/Mar blogbait

Posted 28 Feb: my notions of tutoring; TUTORING ADVERTISEMENT! Tutoring Advertisement. TUTORING ADVERTISEMENT!

Posted 26 Feb: letter on evolutionism and creationism

Posted 23 Feb: links to a National Review article on which I posted several comments

Some blogbait from Feb ’13

More of the same (reply to one Bennett cartoon)

Posted 13 Feb: note that my youtube handle is “alohrm3s”, and I post on Yahoo as “Andrew in Tennessee”

Posted 11 Feb: article: who is President: Messiah Jesus or Barack Obama?

Posted 7 Feb A.D. 2013: (copied here from there)

What’s on this blog as of 6 Feb. I’d like a list of titles down the side, but until I learn to do that I’ll post this as a guide to what’s here.

6 Feb A.D. 2013 HOW to cut federal spending: a way that might WORK. / Send this to your congresspeople if you like my method. Article.

1 Feb “bachelor soup” recipe, and how to keep rice from boiling over.

1-2 How to improve churches, countries, and computers. /From my former website, http://www.lohr84.com, which you can find on at least one web archive, but not on the web itself. Mostly churches–”45 theses”–but also 3 Libertarian tracts: “Why all Christians, Democrats, Republicans, reds, greens, and enemies of crime should vote Libertarian,” “Abolish slavery,” and “How I, Andrew Lohr, joined the LP.” This post may have a table of its own contents at the top of the post.

1-2 Praising God: singing Psalms, some new hymns of mine, chords for “The Book of Psalms for Singing,” why sing Psalms? (love God love God’s lyrics), how to swap tunes. May have contents atop post. Note: I’ve youtubed and yahood some Psalms and paraphrases from an A.D. 1927 Psalter and some of my own; they won’t be in this post or blog. Also here is “Take hold: an epistle of Andrew (Lohr).”

1-2 Infant communion: feed God’s babies. If we’re showing Christ’s death, and he died for them, the showing must include them, eh? I think so, I think it matters, and I think I have something to say about it. This post has a table of contents atop the post, and startrs with 3 1-page intros to the topic. About 40 pages worth of material here. “Debates” in that I list and answer more than 30 objections to “paedocommunion,” and also offer answers to anti-paeodocommunionists Reymond, Sisemore, Lee, and Gentry (spelling?)–Lee and Gentry partially so far. Response to Gentry at the foot of this entry, and not listed at the top.

1-2 New gospel tracts. Contents atop post. 14 tracts. Use freely. (Indeed everyone may freely use everything of mine on this blog.)

1-2 Link to a file? on the Chattanooga Times-Free Press website which seems to contain all the comments I’ve posted there over the years.

31 Jan A.D. 2013 Baptism liturgy for my daughter Sophie Lohr, including explanations of details of the ritual (2 doses of oil and so on).

31-1 “blogbait” Apr-Oct A.D. 2012–some stuff I posted as comments on various websites during that time. Not complete.

31-1 blogbait Nov ’12 to Jan ’13

29 Apr ’12 Comment posted to Washington Post website

29-4-12 “Newt and his little enemy”–one comment

27 apr ’12 older blogbait

27-4-12 Letter of taxpayer: how to give ourselves a better country. (Article, i.e. composed, not just a quick response to something).

27-4-12 “Pocchop liturgy”–plan for a church’s services.

27-4-12 Hello World! automatic first post on wordress blog.
Thank you for checking (some of) this out. May it serve you and glorify God.